Our law firm offers legal services in all fields of law according to the needs of our clients and in compliance with ethical standards.

Our main areas of practice are as follows:

Real Estate Law

We are experienced in resolution of disputes arising from lease agreements. We draft agreements related with the real estate; we provide legal analysis of real estate projects; obtain permits; conduct legal assessments related to investments from the perspective of the contractors, suppliers, subcontractors and/or consumers; and represent clients in construction lawsuits and claims arising from defects.

Tax Law

Our firm carries out all stages of tax litigation, attends settlement meetings, and handles appeals proceedings before administrative authorities.

Customs Law

Our firm carries out all stages of customs litigation, attends settlement meetings, and handles appeals proceedings before administrative authorities.

Family and Inheritance Law

Our firm handles all types of divorce cases, spousal support claims, and drafting, execution and/or cancellation of testaments, claims arising from marital property regime, provision of guardianship and legal assistance to guardians, lawsuits related to collusion of inheritors, obtaining inheritance certificate and following up on inheritance lawsuits.

Contract Law

We assist our clients in contract drafting, interpretation, negotiation and amendments and/or amending contracts according to updated legislation. We deal with cases where judges may alter the provisions of a contract and represent clients in such cases. We are also experienced in the termination of contracts and claims arising from unjust termination.

Rights of Distributors, Agencies or Suppliers

Our firm deals with lawsuits related to distributorship agreements, calculation of portfolio compensation, loss of profit and damages due to an investment in a distributorship. We draft contracts for distributorships, exclusive sellers, agencies, dealers and wholesalers and represent clients in related cases.

Legal Consultancy for Banking and Finance

We handle the interpretation of any financial agreement and/or resolution of dispute related to such agreement, execution of pledges and mortgages.

Execution and Bankruptcy Law

Our firm takes care of all execution proceedings such as preparation of payment requests, implementation of attachments, foreclosure of mortgage and appealing against execution proceedings. We represent our clients in declaratory actions, cancellation of auction and a retrial to protect their interests.

Administrative Law

We represent our clients in annulment cases and full remedy actions. We follow up on the implementation and interpretation of administrative acts.

Health Law

Our firm provides legal assistance to hospitals, health institutions and health professionals in all aspects of health and medical legislation. In this respect, we represent clients in civil, criminal and administrative lawsuits.

Criminal Law

Our firm handles criminal cases such as smuggling.

Compensation Law

Our firm handles lawsuits for pecuniary, non-pecuniary damages and additional claims. We protect the rights of our clients against unquantified claims and in partial lawsuits.

Media & Technology Law

We protect our clients’ interests against crimes committed through the social media and follow up on the publication of disclaimers and relevant civil and criminal actions. We advise clients on protecting new technological inventions.

Intellectual & Industrial Property Law

We handle trademark and patent issues. We represent clients in disputes related to intellectual and industrial rights and take all necessary measures before civil and criminal courts against counterfeit products. We advise our clients about product recalls in the market.

Energy Law

Our firm provides legal advice on electricity, gas, oil, renewable energy and drafts, interprets, and negotiates implementation agreements in this respect and assists clients in dispute resolution. We participate in seminars and conferences on Public Contracts Law and privatization.

Consultancy for Companies on Corporate Issues

Our firm provides assistance for general assembly meetings, registration proceedings, capital increases and decreases, share purchases, mergers and demergers, restructuring, concordatum, suspension of bankruptcy, bankruptcy requests, incorporation and follow-up of daily matters

Legal Assistance for Shareholders and/or Managers

Our firm protects shareholders' rights arising from the law and assists them in the resolution of disputes among shareholders. We provide legal advice regarding the liabilities of members of the board of directors, takes necessary actions for the appointment of an independent auditor, represents shareholders at general assembly meetings and follows up on civil and criminal cases in this respect.

Labor & Social Security Law

Our law firm advices its clients on labor law and collective bargaining matters. In that context, we represent our clients in labor lawsuits filed by their employees, advise them about strikes and lock-outs and attend collective agreement negotiations and drafts agreements. We provide assistance for our clients in a variety of labor law issues such as transfer of labor contracts and/or transfers within a workplace, mutual termination of labor contracts, mobbing cases that are becoming increasingly a topical agenda in court precedents and compliance with the legislation. We advise our clients on white collar crimes and assist them regarding compliance with audit reports.

Consumer Law

Our firm deals with disputes related to vehicles and estate loans, claims arising from defects, requests of the consumers based on their optional rights, determination of the value of a product and the resulting damage, pecuniary and non-pecuniary claims, and determination of evidence.

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